If you are aged thirty or under and would like to submit an article for inclusion in New Nature, we would love to hear from you.


At present, we welcome submissions on a range of topics: from opinion pieces and factual articles to careers talk, current events and nature writing. We aim to alter the theme of each issue based on the season and any current affairs, so if you are unsure of what you would like to write about, our editors would be more than happy to guide you in the right direction. For more information, or to send in completed submissions, you can contact the editorial team using the email address below. We would really appreciate it if you could please take the time to read our New Nature Writing Guide before sending your submissions our way. 


Please note: all articles will be edited prior to publication and we also welcome any photographic submissions.


While we intend New Nature to be written entirely from the perspective of young people, we also welcome contributions from more senior figures. Specifically for our “careers” and “interviews” sections. If you or your organisation would like to be interviewed, or indeed, you have any advice you would be willing to offer young people entering into the sector, please do get in touch. Your guidance is vital when it comes to steering the future.


Pitching to New Nature

If you have an idea that you think would be suitable for the pages of New Nature, please read the following tips before making contact.

We are looking for an interesting and exciting article from young people aged 30 and under.

Before contacting us, please read the magazine to check the subject matter would be suitable for New Nature and whether the subject has been covered before. Your initial contact should be a brief email including the following information:


  •  Your subject matter

  • Why you think it would be suitable to feature in New Nature

  • What research you will conduct to support the piece

  • A little about yourself


  • Whether you plan to use the story elsewhere



It is very useful if you can support your piece with photographs. Please ensure you have consent to use any photographs you submit.

Please bear in mind that whilst we will consider every piece carefully, we may not be able to feature every article we are sent.

Please email all pitches to:



Image Policy


We would love to use the images you submit to New Nature for promotional purposes and request that you please read the following and confirm your consent:


I agree that the images I have sent New Nature can be published, featured, reproduced and used in any of its magazines, websites and media channels, such as social media and press releases. The photos will be credited wherever possible; however, New Nature reserves the right to use uncredited photos in small images such as those used in social media."